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10ft Shipping Container

If you’re short on space but still need a storage solution, our 10ft Shipping Container is the answer. This ‘mini container’ is just half the length of our 20ft option. So it’s a solid way to store a small amount of stuff, without taking up too much space.

Rough 10ft Shipping Container dimensions

  • 2.9m L x 2.5m W x 2.6m H
  • 16m3 cubic capacity
  • High Cube option for extra 1ft height and 18m3 cubic capacity.

Safe and secure

  • Lock-up-and-leave lockbox system
  • Floor and ceiling lashing points to help keep goods tied down
  • GPS tracking system option.

Built to handle the Kiwi climate

  • Made from weathering carbon steel
  • Pest and predator-proof
  • Watertight and wind-resistant.

Cleverly Customisable

  • Switch from wooden to steel flooring
  • Add windows, doors, or ventilation
  • Install smart extras like shelving, power, lighting, and more.

Why choose a 10ft Shipping Container?

Need more storage on-site, or running out of room in the garage? Whatever your storage problem, the 10ft Shipping Container can solve it. The 10ft container is made from reliable and weatherproof materials, so you can count on it to be a strong, sturdy, and secure space to store all your smaller-to-midsize things. Like furniture, appliances, tools, extra stock, and more.

If you need safe and space-saving storage, pick the 10ft Shipping Container

We offer 10ft Shipping Containers for sale

Why choose to buy?

  • You get the flexibility to make any modifications you like
  • You can buy new or used to suit your budget
  • Your container will be yours for good.

We also do 10ft Shipping Container hire

Why choose to hire?

  • You get access to the newest units in the CSL fleet
  • Hiring can work out to be the lower-cost option
  • With 31-day minimum terms, it makes a great short-term solution.

If you don't need to keep or modify a container, you should consider hiring a mini shipping container instead. It is a much cheaper option than buying, and you will have access to the newest units in the fleet.


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