20ft High-Cube Double Door Container Kitchen

Project Info

  • Build Date

    November 2019

  • Customer

    Silver Fern Farms

Designworks contacted us, on behalf of their client Silver Fern Farms (SFF), with a creative concept for a retail specific kitchen container experience with a delivery time for the ‘Taste of Auckland’ event at the end of October 2019.

Our modifications group helped take those concepts and develop them into the kitchen container “experiential hub” – specifically for a retail/consumer environments that would double for the retail section at farmer shows or pop-up experiences with less prep time and adaptability for venues.

As such, CSL had to come up with a design that would allow the client the versatility this project necessitated. By providing a double end container with a service ‘cupboard’ area at one end - for onboard water supply/greywater collection, gas bottle storage for supply to the cookers, AV equipment and storage needs – and the other set of doors for a ‘green wall’, CSL was able to deliver all the requirements for the client’s brief. Power supply would be by 3-phase connection to mains or generator.

The key components of this build were:

  • Power-actuated pop-up door and bi-fold green door
  • All-in-one service area for self-sufficiency options
  • Gas burner hob and oven
  • TV, sound and video capture for live feed of chefs at work
  • Turbo-chillers and Point-of Sale
  • Bespoke cabinetry, shelving and theme lighting

This was an opportunity to showcase the client’s products and expertise to their customers in a fresh and exciting space – a container space!