So you need some reliable, secure cool storage for your event or business location?

Our well-maintained refrigerated containers are fully lined with “food grade” stainless steel and equipped mainly with Carrier refrigeration machinery, with some Thermo King or Mitsubishi units.

Breakdown Service – Within metropolitan areas, our refrigerated containers are covered by a 24/7 call out repair service.

20ft Refrigerated Container (3 Phase)

These refrigerated containers, often called reefers, are all pre-loved usually over 8 years old.

Carrier refrigeration machinery is the most popular refrigeration plant although, on the odd occasion, we may have a Thermo King or Mitsubishi unit. The internal volume of a 20' reefer is 28 cubic metres.

They have a temperature range from -20 degrees C to + 15 degrees C.

They mostly use three phase power although we have the odd single phase chiller (+4 deg C) in stock for those who do not have access to 3 phase supply.


20ft Refrigerated Container (3 Phase) image
Buy From $8,500.00
Hire From $14.89 /day

20ft Single Phase Chiller

Perfect for when you need to a chiller and do not have 3 phase power at your site.

Note this is only capable of operating as a fridge not as a freezer.


20ft Single Phase Chiller image
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Hire From $30.29 /day

40ft Refrigerated Container (3 Phase)

Our stock contains a mix of standard height and high cube reefers. All machinery is Carrier and all require 3 phase power.

The standard height units have an internal volume of 60 cubic metres and the high-cubes are 67 cubic metres.


40ft Refrigerated Container (3 Phase) image
Buy From $13,600.00
Hire From $23.69 /day